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How we use our eyes has changed. The way we protect them has too. 

With the rise in the use of electronic devices our eyes are exposed to more harmful blue light than ever before. Science has proven this over-exposure to high energy blue light negatively impacts our long-term health, our daily vision, and contributes to sleep disorders. Average daily electronic use for Teens (13+) is 9 hours and 6 hours for Tweens (8 -12) – putting children and young adults at the highest risk to the harms of blue light.  Daily blue light causes eye strain, eye fatigue, and headaches for most people. It has also been found to disrupt sleep patterns when digital devices are used before bed. Alarmingly, early studies show a rise in patients with macular degenration at much younger ages than normal - this study contributes the findings directly to the use of electronic devices. 

GOOD NEWS - you don't have to give up the devices to save your vision.

Protective blue light blocking lenses are available. Thanks to blue light filter lenses, BluTech, the harmful portion of blue light is blocked while allowing the good portion of blue light to pass through - because some blue light is GOOD. You know these lenses are protecting your eyes because you can actually see the blocked blue light reflected off the lens.  Keep in mind, the blue reflection in your lenses is all the blue light that was kept from entering your eyes. 

Visit Blue Light Exposed to learn everything you need to know about blue light and how it impacts you and your family.

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