Dry eye disease is caused by many different underlying factors. Without knowing the precise factors, dry eye symptoms are treated largely by guess work resulting in little or no improvement in dry eye symptoms. With our in depth dry eye testing, Drs. Cowan are able to determine the exact cause of your dry eye and institute an effective therapy plan. We’ll have you back to loving your eyes again in no time! All tests are noninvasive and use small tear samples that are collected quickly and painlessly. Testing is performed in our dry eye suite. Some treatments that may be recommended are “spa like” – yes, they’re that relaxing!!

The tests:

  • TearLab
  • Inflammadry
  • TearScan
  • Kerotograph 5M Imaging

In-office treatments:

  • EyeXpress Heat Treatment
  • Blephex

At-home treatments:

  • PRN Omega 3 (#1 treatment in Dry Eye Symptoms)
  • Avenova
  • Bruder Masks